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Happy New Year 2021!

May Hugreen be your Santa Claus this Christmas! Check out what we got for you!

Our unique sensor and technology have been tested by the Netherlands and used in over 15 countries worldwide. Application on multiple high value crops, including tomatoes, cantaloupe, asparagus, cucumber, pumpkin, orchid seedling, and leaf vegetables.

Our users, the greenhouse owners or farmers, have proved that our solution can not only reduce the cost but also reduce the loss, usage of fertilizer, and water. What’s more Important about this fantastic system can do is that it can truly increase your profit.

Do not worry about the complicated equipment setting and the catchy method of application, our sensors are wireless, and we will have an agent to help you set up everything. Then, enjoy the journey of monitoring everything on your smartphone, and change everything just a click away.

Imagine the picture that you sitting by the table with your family on Christmas eve, and the meal tastes so great, at the same time, everything in your greenhouse is under your control as well.

Merry Christmas!

Check out more information below:

▸▸▸ Sensors Varieties: All product comes with 1 Year Warranty, IP65 Waterproof

FDR Sensor: Soil volumetric water content and temp sensor

EC Sensor: Soil EC sensor

FTT Sensor: 3 in one (moisture, temperature, and EC)

LTH Sensor: Ambient light, temperature, and humidity sensor.

** More sensors such as CO2, PH, Nitrogen, and Wind Speed are also available.

Smart Controller: 32 relay channel, allow users to control the greenhouse facilities with App. (Manually/Timely/Automatically)

▸▸▸Online Catalogue:

▸▸▸Contact us

What’s App: 886-983 174234



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