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About Hugreen


Hugreen is an international company active in the worldwide market of agri- and horticultural. The company was created since 2017. With the help of this plug and play sensor system it’s possible to monitor on easy to read dashboards on your mobile phone, lap top or ipad on a distance the growing climate and other growing conditions of fruits and vegetables on farms and in greenhouses. It’s an ambition of Hugreen to help different types of farms and greenhouses becoming more efficient and use less water, pesticides and energy.

Hugreen collects data, analyses them and gives specialised advice on how to improve the growing surrounding with the main target of efficency improvement and considerbale yield increase.

Hugreen works with a team of specialised Dutch and international specialist (growers and crop consultants). 
From 2018 Hugreen started selling their products worldwide: 85% in Japan, China,Taiwan and 15% in 12 other countries.


Hugreen BV

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