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Hugreen's agricultural solution

To increase crop quality and yield, we provide an international consulting service.  

2018 Dec

Shanghai China

2019 Sep


2020 Dec


What we do

The Hugreen solution makes use of software called “Gnome” and hardware called “Rockabye”. We install them in the customer’s greenhouse and then monitor/control the greenhouse’s climate, including aspects like CO2 level, fertilizer, irrigation, temperature, and lighting. Our affordable DIY solution gives our agricultural experts a chance to monitor crops growing remotely in greenhouses of almost any scale or type. 

Gnome Analysis

Rockabye enables growers of all experience levels to standardize and fully automate the mid-tech greenhouse growing process.

Hugreen also gives remote consultant services focus on 

Tomatoes (cherry + others)
Capsicums (sweet peppers)
Lettuce & herbs
Honeydew Melon


Self manufactured top-grade modular sensors


Long Range Wireless Transmission(LoRa)


Plug & Play

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Rockabye Sensors/Controller

The combined effect of population growth and urbanization is that, despite limited resources, the demand for food is expected to triple by 2050. Greenhouse precision growing might be the solution. However, currently, 80% of greenhouses are empty because agronomy knowledge is limited and there are few experts. And the problem is getting worse.

Challenges facing Agriculture



Hugreen began when a scientist touched the soil and was moved by its power. To contribute to this community and to the environment, we have developed services and a total solution that can help every farmer. When precise management is applied to conventional farming, the result is sustainable farming that makes Mother Earth a better place.



Hugreen BV

Rockabye by Hugreen

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